At Pure Market we strive to provide you with the best trading conditions which include not only extremely low spreads and fast execution but also the greatest selection of every possible trading instrument. Our traders enjoy a wide array of FX pairs, Spot Metals, CFDs, Indices and Commodities such as Oil and Natural Gas. Diversify your portfolio with an exquisite choice of instruments suited for the needs of every trader.


Despite the extensive choice of various trading instruments, trading FX has always been the most popular activity of our clients. FX currencies are extremely volatile and that’s why traders opt for them as the best source of investment and profit generation. Pure Market provides you with an excellent choice between 60 FX currency pairs, all with unbelievably low spreads, fast execution and reliable trading environment.

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Gold and Silver have generally been considered a safe haven for investors in times of market instability and have been rated highly as one of the best investment sources. In Pure Market we offer you an opportunity to trade these Spot Metals for other currencies and make the most of the prime trading conditions such as low latency, fast server response, direct access to market liquidity.

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By representing the value of top shares of a particular exchange, Index CFDs can serve as another perfect opportunity for investment. Pure Market offers you a wide range of Indices from the major stock exchanges, available for 24-hour trading.

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Commodities such as Natural Gas and US and UK Oil are available in Pure Market. We aim to provide you with every possible opportunity to maximize your income with us and make your trading environment as diverse and comfortable as possible.

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